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Passing On...

I hadn't written about his death here but I did write about it in the past, but my great grandfather died on Tuesday, September 11, at almost 4pm. After losing his wife of 69 years in August, he finally gave up fighting for his life after a major stroke a week prior to that. I was the one that wrote the obituary and stuffs, I can hardly believe that I am holding myself together so well...I mean, I fell apart when everything first happened, and then as things got worse I accepted the reality of the situation.

It is so hard to accept that they are both gone. I keep walking around the house just expecting to see one of them there, and feel only a little disappointment when I realize they aren't. Kris, AJ, and I moved in to their old room. It is still weird cause when I come home, I will sometimes mentally forget that it is our room and look in expecting to see Panka's new bed and everything. Instead I find a new crib, our bed with the new bed spread, and a new layout that works beautifully for Kris and I.

I know that they won't have forgotten me and I will never forget them. I had them in my life for 21 years and was truly lucky to have their company. Lessons were taught to me that I wouldn't have learned anywhere else. What more could a girl ask for?



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